Friday, August 29, 2008

Back in action, got 1500 on to the next 500!

A few of you may have noted that I was active in the chess blogosphere again , today I resume posting here.

Since my last post on the Chess Tactics Server I have been making some progression there in terms of success percentage. I haven't been able to train regularly, but I have the feeling I'm getting ever more relaxed under the time pressure.

Handle mentat

My rating dropped slightly to 1162 (1186), however my success percentage increased to 69,1 % (65,3%).

03 of 10 training sessions where above 80% correct; exellent.
06 of 10 training sessions where between 70 and 80 % correct; not too bad, but still...
01 of 10 training sessions was 63 % correct; useless.

Now I must see that I continue this increase in percentage correct, but progress there is!

At this moment I have done 1500 problems, onwards to the next 500 and when this really gets a habit, I will post every thousand or so.


Anonymous said...

Dont focus to much on that rating. If the strenght is there the rating will follow.

Polly said...

welcome back to the chess blogosphere. I agree with tiger about the rating thing. It's a number, and when your gain or loss is tied into the speed at which you answer it can be kind of meaningless. That's what I don't like about CTS. I rather focus on being accurate, not how fast I can answer.

Hiddenleaf said...

tiger & polly,

Guess what, I agree with you too! Actually I'm somewhat puzzled where the idea that I'm focussed on my rating at CTS comes from?

I tought it was obvious from my post, where I mainly write about my succes percentage and raising it (i.e. solving the problems correct vs. gaining rating and doing them in time). I barely mention rating and what I say about the time pressure is that I'm getting better and better at ignoring it. Furthermore with trying to ignore's CTS's time pressure one also has to stop worrying about rating since there is a close connection between the two.

That is why I like that the problems at CTS are being timed, just as in a real game, there is time pressure and the key is how to deal with that pressure.

If I was unclear for some reason, let me then here and now state for once and for all: My goal on CTS is raising my succes percentage (which is neither about rating, nor abut time). Eventually to 80% and above.

KnightFork said...

Hello Hiddenleaf.

Thanks for posting on my blog. I am going to add a link to your blog as well. Since starting my blog a couple of weeks ago, I have found a lot of really good blogs to read. I also noticed that everyone reads each others blogs. It is really nice to be able to get different people's prospective. Have a great weekend!