Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Still here

So, we are half a month in the new year, and I'm still here. I've noticed that the chess blogosphere that I used to follow and try to become a part of is dead. Some moved to or other blogs, but there appears to be some fresh blood as well, there appears to be a shift from North-America to Europe, that is most promising, timezone-wise.

A. What I have been doing so far
1. At January 1st I became a member of and I've played 3 games there;
2. I've been doing 25 tactics a day at CTS and am proud to say that I've reached 78,9% correct;
3. For my chess education I've started at square one, or, to be more precise, at Step 1 using TCT and S1.

What I've noticed so far is that playing chess is very different than training chess. My former approach would be to train chess so I would understand it better and only then perhaps switch to playing. It seems to me now that to learn and understand chess at a basic level playing is very important.

B. What I will be doing for the remainder of January
1.Playing slow games, that is G30/5, G45 or slower, at least one a week and analyse for blunders;
2. 25 Tactics a day at CTS, aiming eventually to reach past 80% and stay there;
3. Daily puzzle at and 3 tactics at least 5 times a week;
4. Finishing Step 1 with TCT and S1.

C. What I plan to do after January for a couple of months
1. Playing two slow games a week and analyse them;
2. 25 Tactics a day at CTS;
3. Doing some tactics, using SCT and SCM for starters, every day later using other material for instance Predator at the Chessboard;
4. Going through Step 2 with TCT and S2, maybe getting some extra material to do that as well.;
5. Reading LC and DCO

This should get me a solid start and after a few months of playing an idea of my playing level.

It appears not all abbreviations are explained here, I'll fix that.


Anonymous said...

A pretty impressive list, I have to say.

Ideally I would play at least one slow game a week to keep in current practice, since I believe that's fundamental to making overall progress, but that's not as easy to keep up as it might appear. I've at least been stubborn about sticking to the goal of analyzing one game a week (drawing on past tournament games as well as more recent training games). I should get back to playing regularly as well, thanks for highlighting the importance of that.

AoxomoxoA wondering said...

If you like TCT then you should look at, they start to put TCT online , lots of tactics, lots of training