Thursday, July 03, 2008

Chess Tactics Server

This morning I had a small session on the Chess Tactics Server, it really amazes me that, if that information is in fact accurate, there are so many Dutch tacticians there. Apparently there is a huge Dutch chess scene, in combination with good Internet access.

With the first third or so problems I really was in some kind of flow, no matter what the rating I just knew what to do. I did lose some points there, but I just didn't fail. Then in the second third it was 50/50 and the last third went rather well again. In the end I had a score of 35/49 correct, which translate too 71,4%.

Although I don't particularly like seeing my rating drop, I really feel that getting my succes percentage from at least 2/3 to 3/4 is the right path to follow. After all, practicing tactics is a mean and not an end. One missed tactic can and will loose a game, a few tenths or hundreds of seconds won't necessarily do so.

This is my current status at the Chess Tactics Server:

Handle mentat
Country Netherlands
Rating 1204
Current RD 48.8
Highest Rating 1247
Date of HR 2008 Jul, 03 - 10:38
Tries 705
Success 65.5 %

I hope to be doing session of, for starters, about 50 problems daily. Let's see what happens. I won't write about it daily, I don't want to bother my, so far non-existent(?), audience and I'm more interested in long-term results.

Look at the steep climb that starts around the 150 last problems, that was that flow I was talking about.


chessloser said...

DO NOT worry about the rating. i used to but it was explained to me, play slow and play the right moves, and over time the rating will come...

transformation said...

i sternly but constructively suggest you ONLY do CTS 90% and above. you are learning correct chess thinking, not speculative dashes toward rating or rapidity.

as you know, i am dkTransform 89% for 42k and dogWaste 96.4% for 7k.

warmest, dk

Hidden Leaf said...

chessloser & dk,

I agree with your suggestions, and slowly I also act accordingly.


logis said...

Dont look at your rating, if your chess strenght goes up the rating will folow.

transformation said...

no less than 80.0%!

dktransform 43k at 89%, in top forty by tries and
dogWaste 7k at 96.4%, in top ten out of 2800 users.