Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Chess Library

This post will be used to list my growing collection of chess books and other tools I use in training.

Last update: January, 16, 2013.

abbreviation author, title. subtitle, publisher, year of publication, number of pages.

CTS Chess Tactics Server

DCO John Emms, Discovering Chess Openings. Building Opening Skills from Basic Principles, Everyman Chess, 2006, 248 pages.

IYM Chris Ward, It's Your Move, Everyman Chess, 2000, 143 pages.
IYM.I Chris Ward, It's Your Move Improvers, Everyman Chess, 2001, 144 pages.
IYM.TP Chris Ward, It's Your move. Tough Puzzles, Everyman Chess 2004, 160 pages.

LC Irving Chernev, Logical Chess. Move by Move, Batsford, (1957, 1998 First Algebra├»c) 2000, 256 pages

LCT John Nunn, Learn Chess Tactics, Gambit, 2004, 160 pages

M60MG R.J. Fischer, My 60 Memorable Games, Faber and Faber, 1972 (or a later reprint), 384 pages

MBC Graham Burgess, The Mammoth Book of Chess, Robinson, (1997) 2000 2nd revised edition, 537 pages

S1 Brunia & Wijgerden, Lekker Schaken. Stap 1
S2 Brunia & Wijgerden, Lekker Schaken. Stap 2
S3 Brunia & Wijgerden, Lekker Schaken. Stap 3
S4 Brunia & Wijgerden, Lekker Schaken. Stap 4
S5 Brunia & Wijgerden, Lekker Schaken. Stap 5
(= Let's Play Chess. Step 1 etc.)

SC A.J. Gillam, Starting Chess, 1977/1978, 128 pages
SCT A.J. Gillam, Simple Chess Tactics, 1978, 136 pages
SCM A.J. Gillam, Simple Checkmates, 1978, 128 pages

TCT TASC Chess Tutor (Software programm using the Steps Method)

UC John Nunn, Understanding Chess. Move by Move, Gambit, (2001) 2007, 240 pages

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