Monday, July 14, 2008

The end of the beginning

Things I learned in this first week:
- Nunn's Learn Chess Tactics is nothing like CTS, at all!
So I'll have to approach both in a different way.

- Don't judge a book by its first chapter's exercises, those in the second chapter can appear much easier.
In Nunn's Learn Chess Tactics the second chapter is on the discovered attack, somehow the exercises appear less hard than those in the first chapter on the pin.

- For Nunn as for CTS, each in it's own way: slow down, think!
Actually I managed to do this on CTS last night, a lot better than in the previous week, I had 88% correct. Furthermore I've noticed that while I lose some rating while thinking on the easier problems, I have more success in solving the harder problems. Thus while my rating doesn't change much, my success rate goes up! That is win-win in my book.

- It doesn't matter if I agree with dk's strict interpretation of how to use CTS.
If I want my success rate to climb, I'll have to aim more for his approach, since mine gave me a decline in success rate, 154 seconds on a problem is okay, as long as you solve them!

- From a Novice Nook by Heisman: The second book in the It's Your Move-series by Ward (It's Your Move. Improvers) actually is the easiest.
It is only a little out of reach: I solved Test 1 Question 2 correctly.

- It may be a rule of blogger etiquette to notify someone when you link to him or her, either in a post or on a sidebar?

- The Mammoth Book of Chess and The Mammoth Book of the World's Greatest Chess Games are actually two different books.
No problem, I'll just have to get them both.


likesforests said...

"- It may be a rule of blogger etiquette to notify someone when you link to him or her, either in a post or on a sidebar?"

I just add and remove people as I feel is appropriate--I usually don't make any special mention of it.

RT Solo said...

ummm...same here, likesforests, I just started my blog a week or so ago and linked to 3 other chess blogs right away, then I've been adding links to everyone who comes and leaves comments on my blog. I never bothered (or thought) to notify anyone. Blogger faux pah?

logis said...

There is no rule about adding or removing links to other blogs. It's your blog, you do with it what you like.

You are on the right track. First try to solve the problems, time is of no matter. Later, when you feel your strenght goes up you may try to solve them quicker, maybe give yourself a set time per problem after that, ... .