Sunday, July 20, 2008

Additions to my chess library

I've had two orders with chess books coming in, adding the following titles to my small, but expanding chess library. In some posts I've mentioned some of the books, but not always stating that I had them already.

I think the books I have now should be able to take me a long way. I don't have a specific endgame book yet, but in the Steps Method there is some attention to basic endgames. Now I just have to come up with a study program for these books and then "just do the work".

Here are the two deliveries. The bold letters represent a shorthand to mention these books.

First these four:
LCT John Nunn, Learn Chess Tactics;
IYM Chris Ward, It's Your Move;
IYM.I Chris Ward, It's Your Move Improvers;
IYM.TP Chris Ward, It's Your move. Tough Puzzles.

These arrived a couple of weeks later:
MBC Graham Burgess, The Mammoth Book of Chess;
LC Irving Chernev, Logical Chess. Move by Move;
UC John Nunn, Understanding Chess. Move by Move.

Full information about these books and others can be found in the original and updated My Chess Library post.


RT Solo said...

Hey man, I followed your lead and posted my chess library too. 4 books I have now, and 4 more coming in the mail tomorrow and the next day. I'm surprised we didn't get a lot of the same books. BTW, I just got my ass kicked by this guy on FICS and posted the game. If you want to see a lot of bloody carnage, check it out.

Wahrheit said...

hiddenleaf, just wanted to let you know I've gotten around to posting on you and (and RT Solo) and putting up some links.

RT Solo said...

Hey man I finally got a win on FICS, my first one! Then I played second game a few minutes later and scored another win! It was awesome, I posted them on my blog, check them out if you get a chance and let me know what you think! Do you ever play on FICS? If you do, we should play each other. Talk to you later.

logis said...

A good book for your libary would be "Silman's Complete endgame course". Endgames are not divided by theme but by rating (what you should know when you have a specific rating).