Wednesday, July 30, 2008

That one is still dazed and confused in round 02

Round 02 was a very short one. I opened again with my Bishop before my Knight. I wouldn't do that if I were to play again, one of the lessons I should learn from Likesforests aka The Endgame Tactician. He was kind enough to take the time and annotate the game from round 01. I really appreciate the effort and I will learn from these lessons.

Putting the Bishop at d6 is also wrong because it blocks the d-Pawn. But I don't think I made blunders anywhere near the size of Jabba in this game. First he puts his Queen en prise and then forgets to remove his Knight. In the 8th move I planned to exchange Knights and then attack his Bishop(s), Pawns and Rooks with my Queen. Those were undeveloped and didn't have to many places to go. With a serious response I would have developed further, that was what I was preparing for anyway: I already fianchettoed to allow the Bishop in the game to put some pressure on his King side.

It's hard to decide when to develop further and when to take advantage of the situation. This one turned out all right for me, but it shouldn't have happened in the first place.


I'm curious if there's anything I haven't seen yet, as always, feel free to comment!


likesforests said...

Is this the same opponent?? Congratz. It's nice to score a win like this every once in awhile. :)

Wahrheit said...

2. ...Bd6 actually isn't too awful of a move! White may with good play get a larger than usual edge but it's certainly not a blunder.

likesforests said...

Agreed, the early bishop development isn't as bad here as in the other game, although it's still not good.

Staunton had a particular way of meeting Bd6. He liked to reply 4.d4. An accurate reply is tricky... many of his opponents lost on the spot. ;)

Polly said...

Bd6 works fine when the opponent decides to hang everything. :-)

RT Solo said...

Nice discovered attack with your Queen! Seems like People miss discovered attacks more often when the piece you move captures one of their pieces! Nice quick win!