Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tour de Chess

Today the last stage in Le Tour de France was ridden. An opportune moment to pick up an idea proposed by chessloser inspired by this post of mine: Jerseys, or something of the like for chess tournaments. It should be an event of multiple days or a league with different time controls.

Yellow - overall leader
Black on yellow numbers - best team
Red on white numbers - most attacking player
White - best performing player under a certain rating or under a certain age
Red Lantern - at the end of all games awarded to a single losing player

The hardest (open to discussion):
Green - (sprint) fastest time/least moves to a win (points for fastest, second etc)
The checkered jersey (Polka dots) - (mountains) most won games (first one on top)

This above is very open to comments and suggestions.


BlunderProne said...

I think the jersey thing would be a wicked decent concept to help make chess more appealling to the general public. Its all about gimicks. Let's face it, why do we watch some of the more obscure sporting events? World championship poker, my son watches on a regular basis ( he's in college..also plays chess) is into it because of the sunglasses and hats and cold looks these guys have.

At Hastings 1895, a British pound was offered for each win for ALL the players. It was doubled for wins in teh first three rounds. I'd like to see something along those lines being promoted. Image something line $5/ win for all players and a little less off the top.

chessloser said...

i'm with you on all but the polka dot jersey. that's a tough one to bring over to chess. i think the white jersey should only go to those who are playing in their first ever tournament, but maybe for only in a certain section. it would be cool. great job.