Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A New Toy

This week the TASC cd 2 arrived containing TASC Chess Tutor (Henceforth known as TCT) and Chessica (a chess playing program). Chesstiger is currently using the very same program.

TCT is based on the Steps Method and as some of you might know, I got stuck in Step 3 of the Step Method working from books. I did start all over again earlier this summer, but this now got easier using the TCT on the computer.

Currently I'm working my way trough Step 1, and I'm making some mistakes every now and then. I really need to take my time doing the exercises! I have to remind myself constantly that it's okay to take more than 10 seconds if I need them, but I'm getting better at it. It's a bit the same as with CTS, forget about the time.

Currently I'm working my way trough each chapter. Reading trough the instructional text and doing the exercise sections. Before moving on to the next chapter I redo the sections in which I didn't score a 100% and the I redo those in which I still don't have a 100% score until I do.

This is level one people, even I should know this by now! But these are exactly the things that should be practiced "until I can't get it wrong"


KnightFork said...

I have been looking at the chessica for possible purchase. After you have had some time to look over it, please post your thoughts on that program.

Enjoy your new toys!

Anonymous said...

@ Hiddenleaf

Stop redoing those exercises you dont have 100% on before you move to the next lesson. You may only have to redo them if you are thru a complete step. Otherwise the danger of recognizing the position and the solution is to big. It's not recognizing the position that you are learning but recognizing paterns. So work yourself thru a complete step, from beginning to end and only then go back to the exercises you didn't got 100% for.

@ knightfork

I wouldn't buy chessica on it's own since its a very early version of fritz. If you look for a chess playing program then go for fritz or rybka or schredder. It may cost you a bit more but you will enjoy it more and longer.

Or maybe if you want to buy the TASC CD then do so, it's relatively cheap < 20 euros and you get a great chessteaching program together with chessica.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen TASC before. I have been using Chessimo (goofy name!) I think all the chess training software programs are all pretty good from what I have seen.

I think the most important thing is to find one that makes you want to use it. ie; The interface makes sense to you.

Hiddenleaf said...


TASC is more a chess teaching program: it has instructional text and exercises. Although the last Steps are pretty hard, Step 1 starts with naming the squares and moving the pieces.

Phaedrus said...

Tasc is the way to go. But just solving is missing an essential part. You also have to use the exercises to improve your thought process in the game. My post today more or less covers this subject.