Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who will fight with me for the Red Lantern?

Everything that has an end, has a beginning. For every first place there is a last. Every Tour de France has a Red Lantern

Yours truly signed up for the L.E.P. III tournament, more info here:

I have no real news, I have been training a bit irregular, but signing up for the tournament probably will get me back on a schedule.


Anonymous said...

Out of psychological point never start a tournament thinking you will end last. Otherwise Murphy's law will sure hit you.

likesforests said...

L.E.P. II had a great field. I'm sure this one will be interesting, too, when it takes off.

"never start a tournament thinking you will end last."

I think he's just hustling us for that nifty Mickey D's gift cert LEP promised to whomever finished last. I bet he's like 2200 FIDE OTB. ;)

Hiddenleaf said...

Well the tourney is postponed so you all have some more time to study so you might stand a chance against me. (Better like this ChessTiger?)

When the tournement will take place I hope I can participate and play enjoy some good chess.

I do wonder if I could use that gift cert in the Netherlands, if I were to lose.

chesstiger said...

Yes, that is how one has to start a tournament! Full of confidence one will play good to great games.

A little warning, although one have confidence this doesn't mean on has to lift oneself over the horse. Confidence is fine, over the hill confidence is bad.

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