Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another flash game

Not unlike Liquid Egg Product I actually want to present a game that may not be as addictive as DTD or Gemcraft, but at least has anything to do with chess. A bit more like Temposchlucker who, trough his blog, introduced me to Troyis.

Black Knight is a game that, you guessed it takes it name from the black knight in chess. The object of this game is to move a knight on a chess board like field in the least possible moves towards the star. Sounds easy so far, and it is, but to make things more interesting our dark knight can only move over squares and some of the squares are missing. The location of the star have to be revealed by "killing" the white King (??) and other pieces join in as well, and you can "provoke" the pieces to (limited) movement.

I am currently at level. 15 with 313 moves, I got stuck once or twice. I'm sure a lot of you can do better, I would like to invite you to post your score in the comments.

Today, October 30th, I have finished the game in the beautiful number of 1492 moves, I could probably do it in less and might even try it, but I like this number. A lot of the people who inspire me in chess (that's you my fellow bloggers) life in The Americas after all.


likesforests said...

It looks like a fun and entertaining game related to chess. From a skill-building perspective, my guess is that Troyis is slightly better since squares the knight can't land on occur in chess, but squares the knight can't move through don't occur in chess.

chesstiger said...

I will try it another day since it's now 23:00 pm, not really a time to play games.

Hiddenleaf said...

You are most likely correct.

The fact that you have to "kill" the king and that pieces have limited movement doesn't add to it being like chess.

However, it gives one a challenge with the Knight and you do have to calculate a bit even with keeping the movement of the pieces in mind. And on the board there are also obstacles or squares you can't use.

And it has more to do with chess than most games, how fun they may be at times.

I wouldn't suggest it as a replacement for CTS or TCT for now. :)

You mean, like, there is a time when one cannot play games? Facinating... :)

I'm now struggeling at level 24.

Anonymous said...

So far, level 15.

It's pretty fun, although I haven't got a hang of all the "Provokes" yet.

Anonymous said...

Here's a target for you: 870 (Yeah, I restarted about halfway through to improve it.)

Online Casinos said...

I find this game really fun. I just had a try of a few levels for now, yet I am enjoying it. I'll aim in finishing this. Finding your way to the star to succeed from one level to another makes me more eager to finish this game.