Friday, November 21, 2008

CTS at 75%!

I didn't mean to bore all y'all again with CTS this fast after my latest post. I intended to write a posts on my progress with the Steps Method or TCT. But I had no choice, today, with a session's splendid result of 100%, I crossed the 75% success rate barrier!

Here I come 80%! let's see if I can do that within 55 sessions (11 weeks) from November 13th?

My 100% score now in the afternoon may suggest Rolling Pawns is right in the comments under the 2500! post that at certain times of the day you're performance is better. Speaking for myself several factors come to mind: 1. biological cycle; 2. being tired and 3. being able to relax and take my time. The third one is what he suggests is a factor in what makes his time work for him.

I'm working on a poll, where you can vote if I'll make it to 80%, but this public computer is giving me trouble with it. It keeps complaining about a valid date/time, but I'd say 30/11/08 and 23:59 are correct. I will try it at home later this weekend.


RT Solo said...

Hey congrats on breaking the barrier! 75% is a quite a milestone on the road to completing the circles! Anyway, just thought I'd stop in and see what you've been up to. P.s. maybe try 11/30/08 instead of 30/11/08 for the date.

chesstiger said...

Congrats, getting 100% in a session on any time of the day is exceptionally well done.

Up to 80% is only 5% away but i predict a very hard battle to get there if your mind is to busy with thinking of this 80% instead of focusing on finding the solution.

Anonymous said...

I see the problem. November only has 29 days.