Monday, November 17, 2008


As some of you might know, I try to do 25 exercises on the Chess Tactic Server on a daily basis, at least 5 times a week. This is half of my chess training, the other half consists of working in my Steps Method books or in TCT.

The other day (November 13, 2008) I reached my 2500th problem on CTS. At that time I had a success rating of 74,4%. Now I'm not getting anywhere near my peak rating of 1247, but my success rating is climbing, slowly but certainly! And obviously that's all that matters at this point.

My rating has been climbing a bit slower than I hoped, especially as I managed to have a 100% score in two sessions in September. Lately I have noticed that being tired can have huge effects at my solving ability. Thus I should make sure I get enough sleep. My goal, for now, still is to break the 80% barrier.

It would have been prettier if I could give you the info after my 2500th exercise, but since I didn't think of that at the time I leave you with the score sheet after today's session.

Handle mentat
Country Netherlands
Rating 1162 (1162)
Current RD 35.1
Highest Rating 1247
Date of HR 2008 Jul, 03 - 10:38
Tries 2575 (1500)
Success 74.6 % (69,1 %)

Between brackets are the values I had when reaching the 1500 mark. No, the fact that my rating stayed the same is not a typo, but maybe this is prettier after all.


tanc (happyhippo) said...


Congratulations on reaching this milestone!

Hang in there. Your results will definitely improve.


chesstiger said...

I hope you have learned some positions and have them fixed in your brain so that if you see some kind of setup like the position you know what to do.

So it's not the amount of material on the board that counts, it's how the pieces are standing on the board that counts.

74,4% isn't that bad, If you had that on an exam i am sure you would be super content. :-)

Yeah, when tired the brain can trick us in many ways. But just try to focus when doing the exercises and that would (can) help to shake off the fatigue alittle.

Rolling Pawns said...

The time when you do exercises could be important too. For example, for me the best time to make a move in correspondence game (as well as it was before to play online blitz) is after 10-11pm. I can really concentrate at that time, maybe because all daily business is finished. Just check, if one time is better than another for you.

likesforests said...

Congratz on your milestone! When "2500! -- hiddenleaf" popped up on my newsreader I thought for sure you were going to tell us you made GM. (:

Hiddenleaf said...

Thanks all for the encouragement.

I knew of course that number between 1000 and, say 2500 suggest a rating, but I'm sorry to dissappoint you I'm not some kind of closet GM, yet. :p
Here you're suggesting something like that as well: Will you stop thinking that I'm talking about my rating when I reach my 3000 milestone, or when I post how many it took me to break the 80% mark (Obviously I'm aiming to have the latter happening before the former)?

I think I'm probably more rated towards that 1162 number.

I'll guess we'll have to wait for the next LEP-tourney when I can finally match my strength with some of you.

Hiddenleaf said...

Obviously I can aim all I want but that's never gonna happen, even with a perfect score in the next 500 exercises I can only make it to 78,75%. If I can make the exercises from 2500 - 4000 with an average score of 90%, only then I will be above 80.

So that would be in 12 weeks (1500 devided by 125).

Actually that would be after 1375, so by 3875, that would be 11 weeks.

However, this is only if I manage to keep my average score on 90% (or above)!!!